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Rules and Regulations

  • Helmets are MANDATORY for all participants
  • Alcohol and controlled substances are STRICTLY PROHIBITED
  • Impaired drivers will not be permitted to participate
  • Unnecessary speeds will not be permitted and will result in disqualification
  • ALL bikes are to be equipped with headlights, which MUST be turned on during the rally
  • ALL bikes must be in safe working condition
  • ALL trash must be brought out of the woods for proper disposal:
  • ALL entrants must be at the final checkpoint by 5:00 pm ( or any other time announced and posted before the start ) or you will be disqualified
  • Numbers will be drawn at checkpoints and will be compared to the corresponding playing card at the finish
  • Bikes are NOT PERMITTED in lakes, rivers or streams
  • The highest poker hand gets 1st prize, 2nd highest gets 2nd prize and so on.

Tie Breaker Rules

In the case that two or more participants have the same poker hand the following will take place to decide the tie breaker:

The persons having the same hands that are eligible for a prize will each draw a new hand consisting of 5 new cards on the stage. The best hand drawn will be the winner of the prize in question and the other hand will be eligible for the next lower prize, if there is a lower prize.

Rally Rules and Regulations

  • Poker Hand Ranking – Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pairs, One Pair and High Card
  • Rally card or personal identification required to draw cards