Rally Winners

5th Annual Winter Festival Poker Run February 14, 2015

Trip to Dominican Republic- Shelley McPherson
2nd Prize -John Richards
3rd Prize -Timmy Clannon
4th Prize -Cyril Taylor 
Coffee Table – Brian LeBlanc
50/50 – Jason Boudreau 

4th Annual Winter Festival Poker Run February 8, 2014

Trip to Puerto Plata – Wanda Savoury

2nd Prize $300.00 – Irene David
3rd Prize $200.00 – Richard Mariot
4th Prize $100.00 – Aiden Samon
Chain Saw Package ($650.00 Value) – Dale Sampson
Plus over 160 Door Prizes

January 17th, 2014

1st Prize -Cecil David, $300
2nd Prize -Renee Samson, $200
3rd Prize -Vivian Mauger, $100

3rd Annual Winter Festival Poker Run February 16, 2013

 Trip to Puerto Plata – Melissa Samson

2nd Prize $300.00 – Eric Poirier
3rd Prize $200.00 – Kayla Forgeron
4th Prize $100.00 – Kevin Savoury
Chain Saw Package ($650.00 Value) – Jamie Benoit
Plus over 150 Door Prizes

January 19th, 2013

1st prize Matthew Landry

2nd prize Claire Landry

3rd prize Denise Boudreau

2nd Annual Winter Festival Poker Run February 10, 2012

Trip to Puerto Plata – Daniel Samson
2nd Prize $300.00 – Maurice Landry
3rd Prize $200.00 – Karen Mackay
4th Prize $100.00 – Felicia Boudreau
Chain Saw Package ($650.00 Value) – Keith Martell
Survey Prize Winner ($100.00) – Roger Rose
Free Room at L’auberge – Nelson Davis
Plus 178 Door Prizes

January 21, 2012

1st  prize       Stephen Martell

2nd prize      Gordie Boudreau

3rd prize       Mark Collette

1st Annual Winter Festival Poker Run February 19, 2011

Trip to Puerto Plata – Jason Boudreau

2nd prize     Rod Samson

3rd prize     Jessica Samson

4th prize     Aaron Marchand

Corey Boudreau won the pre-registration prize