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Following Proper Trail Etiquette

The diverse trails across Isle Madame encompass many different user groups and interests.
Trail users can hike, bike, snowmobile, use ATVs or off road vehicles, ride horseback and more. Our trails meander through beautiful forests, vast fields, and along our beautiful coasts. We all have to do our part to ensure that all trails are left in pristine condition for our current use and for generations to come. Simply following some standard trail etiquette will enhance your experience.

Common sense plays a huge part in all trail etiquette but there also may be some unwritten rules that users aren’t aware of.

Multi-Use Non-Motorized Trails and Paths - Keep Right

Ride/Skate/Walk as far to the right as practical, except when passing another user going your direction (pass on the left). Control your speed, slow down and use caution when approaching or overtaking other trails or pathways users.

Be Predictable

Travel in a consistent and predictable manner. Always look behind before changing positions on the trail or path.

Don't Block the Trail or Path

Ride/Skate/Walk single file when other users are present. Use no more than half the trail or path so as not to block the flow of other users. When stopping, move off the trail or path.

Obey Traffic Signs and Signals

Use extra caution where trail or path crosses streets, driveways, or other trails and paths.

Be Courteous

When passing someone from behind, announce yourself by shouting “passing on your left” or ring your bell if you are on a bicycle.

Be Respectful of Private Property

Please respect all property rights.