It gives me great pleasure to report to you on behalf of the Board of Directors.

I am pleased to advise that your board of directors have had 7 board meetings since the last AGM. It is also very comforting to report that there was always a quorum when a meeting was called. That shows the amount of dedication your representatives on the board have towards the club. Board meetings were not scheduled during summer and December months. However business carried on as usual via electronic messaging and or committee meetings.

The Trail and Development Committee worked very hard in preparing assessments and funding applications to various funding. We have installed a new bridge on the beach at Rocky Bay and will be receiving more bridge panels to upgrade are existing bridges. Full report to follow.

The Annual Winter fest Rally was a huge success and a great source of income for the club. The rally committee team lead by Annette Kehoe worked very hard and devotedly towards this event. A full report will follow later in the meeting.

The ATVANS Lottery campaign was lead by Lynn Kehoe, Brent Kinslow and Tony Pierce, this campaign remains a good fundraiser for the association, report to follow.

I would like thank everyone who gave their time and energy to make the above happen. Our organization has been very fortunate to have not only professionals but very dedicated and devoted board members with all the right skills to support a strong team. We have been also very fortunate to have been able to include our youth within our organization and it has been a “win win” situation for both. Thank you to Cheyenne Covin for her part as the youth representative. Involving our youth will hopefully bring succession when they complete their education/training and move back to our community.

 I would like to also say a big thank you to the members of the board of directors who give countless hours attending meetings and preparing applications for funding, fundraising and putting on events for your benefit. They are a truly dedicated and gifted group of individuals and should be so recognized for the efforts they put forward for the association. We have 2 members of our board who have indicated that they will not be re-offering but have indicated that they will help in any way that they can. Thanks to Donald Kehoe and Annette Kehoe. Annette has agreed to stay on as the Rally Committee Chairperson.

As per any volunteer group that I have been part of the struggles facing the Isle Madame ATV Riders is no different than the others, we boast a membership of 130 plus members and it always seems to be the same handful of members that are always involved in making things happen for the organization. We are always looking for people even if you don’t want to be on the board to join our various committees and help out in any way possible.

The Isle Madame ATV Riders Association has grown to be a very strong and well respected organization within our community and provincially. The multi-use trail system that we continue to develop and improve is gaining momentum and support from local residents, landowners, local businesses all government levels and provincial trail organizations such as Atvans and the OHV Infrastructure Fund. We have proven to “make a difference” in our community by not only providing recreation but bringing a real economic impact to local area businesses and community organizations.  The 7th annual Winter Fest Rally’s results can again attest to that.

With the continued support of our board of directors and an increased interest in our members the club can continue to grow and we can improve on our trail system, lets all join together to achieve these goals.

Respectfully submitted

Tony Pierce- President