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Land Owner Respect
We have received complaints that ATV’s and snowmobiles are going off the trail system.  In particular, Robert Theriault’s fields on the High Road in Arichat.  The Theriault family owns property at various locations on the island and has always allowed us to use various sections of their property for our trail system.  Riders are asked to respect the private property signage posted on our trails and any fencing that is in place. Stay on the trail system.



Looking for pictures of our club activites? Just follow this link to the facebook site of “Isle Madame Through my Eyes”.  Lots of pictures of our beautiful island and IMATVR activities.









2019 - 9th Annual Winter Rally

1st prize - Cody Forgeron

2nd prize - Denis Covin

3rd prize - Tanya Samson

4th prize - Lorette Poirier

2019 January 19th Rally

1st prize - Robert DeCoste

2nd prize - Hailey Sampson

3rd prize - Justyne Martell

Draw Prize - Tommy Gracie

Back Beach in Little Barachois is not part of the trail system and some landowners do not want ATV traffic using that area.

We have had complaints from landowners next to the Hall in D’Escousse, this concern was also relayed to the club from the RCMP.

We received complaints of crews of bikes stopping in front of houses and riding on personal properties and not on the designated trail that the landowners were generous enough to allow.

Land use by ATV riders is a privilege, not a right.  Please respect our landowners.